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About Us

Chace Racing is a brand that was born out of our love and passion for mountain biking. We believe riding a bike is everything to the biker, this made us set out to establish a place to provide comfort to all bikers through simple, cosy, and comfy mountain biking accessories. This was after a series of observations on how much uncomfortable clothing implicates the efficiency of all riders.

We are a UK Based (Yorkshire) and we produce MTB/MX clothing. We manufacture mountain bike clothing and motocross gear respectively to guarantee that all bikers perform at their ultimate efficiency in fast-paced downhill races, extended open terrain expeditions, and off-road racing activities.

The brand provides support and sponsorship for riders and races to promote the movement of biking as it has been investigated that the activity is an underrated drug-free anti-depressant. We would love to suppress depression by promoting this cause.

Our company has evolved over the years, we observe the trend of mountain biking activities and ensure to provide all-mountain cyclists with the most comfortable biking accessories suitable for each season ranging from Jerseys, shorts, gloves for kids, and adult MTB riders. The brand also focuses on kids and kids MTB clothing and accessories as we believe in the future riders. Making sure these Mini Racers get into the sport and enjoy it.

Chace Racing is a one-stop shop for all, we do not discriminate, we bring out the best of us to provide mountain biking clothing and accessories that are suitable for everyone; men and women of all shades and colours.

All of our hard work is to give our customers the best experience while biking through the mountains. For this reason, we make use of the best and most unique clothing fabric in our manufacturing process to deliver durable and breathable clothes that tightly fits with no spare fabric flapping to all our customers.

We are constantly working hard and looking forward to the production of a wider range of biking accessories to meet our growing customer's needs.


We are set out to provide the most thrilling and memorable mountain biking experience to our customers by delivering suitable and comfortable MTB/MX accessories to all our riders. 

*We want you to find your escape with Chace racing*.


We envision providing a better racing and riding adventure for you every day as well as offering you the best of our services on a long-term basis with YOUR utmost support.